Based in Shropshire and Powys

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"I think its the most powerful therapy. Quickest most simplest way of grounding and connecting."  S.B/Powys

"Shiatsu with Sarah is so completely full and relaxing, it feels like 3 massages all in one with no pain. I always float home afterwards." L.B/Powys

"During the past 4 years my sessions with sarah have provided me a safe space to feel nurtured and restored in body, heart and soul. I cant recommend shiatsu highly enough. Sarah's skill and experience is powerful and I leave each session feeling renewed and re-energised." N.C/Shrewsbury

"Being listened to and and heard is so incredibly valuable, you feel as though you are supported on your life journey. My body felt light and free after the treatment." P.B/Powys

"Shiatsu has been of great beneift to me over the past 2yrs. When I began I had a lot of mobility problems. Shiatsu has helped me reconnect with myself and my body, and get to a position of being fully mobile and generally fitter and more supple. I recommend sarah because she has helped me." J.G/Shrewsbury

Based in Shropshire and Powys

01588 680496